Polemarch’s Message

Fort Knox Alumni Chapter


Welcome to the Fort Knox (KY) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. We are pleased and humbled that you stopped by to see our many achievements.

It is our intention to provide members of our community a gateway to information that will encourage engagement, participation, and support of the many initiatives that our chapter is involved in.

Fort Knox Alumni continues to reach out to our youth through our Guide Right Programs providing mentorship, and positive character development.

Our Guide Right program also provides scholarships to high school seniors geared toward advancing academic opportunities for the development of young men in our community.

To our community partners, we appreciate all the support you have provided over the years. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve all that we have. We encourage you to follow us on all our social media platforms so that you can be aware of all chapter events and activities.

We invite any member of our esteemed organization to stop by and visit. If you are in the area for assignment, we welcome you with KAPPA love.

On behalf of the entire membership of the Fort Knox Alumni Chapter, our Board of Directors, and our Officers, thank you for stopping by

On behalf of the entire membership of the FKAC, our board of directors, and officers. I thank you for visiting.